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Series & Starting Dates

Start   Apr Apr  May May May  Jun Jun Jun  Jul Jul Jul Jul  Sep Sep  Oct
Date:     1   1    1   1   1    1   1   1    1   1   1   1    1   1    1
Series:   1   2    3   4   5    6   7   8    9  10  11  12   13  14   15
 KY at   LW  DW   RM  WW  MG   SS  AV  M9   SA  NP  MX  BV   VS  AR   HG
 DW at   WW  AR   MG  LW  RM   M9  VS  SS   BV  SA  NP  MX   AV  HG   KY
 HG at   SS  KY   AV  M9  VS   RM  LW  MG   MX  BV  SA  NP   WW  DW   AR
 AR at   M9  HG   VS  SS  AV   MG  WW  RM   NP  MX  BV  SA   LW  KY   DW

 AV at   RM  VS   KY  MG  DW   LW  HG  WW   CX  TX  BC  CH   AR  M9   SS
 VS at   MG  M9   DW  RM  KY   WW  AR  LW   CH  CX  TX  BC   HG  SS   AV
 SS at   KY  AV   LW  DW  WW   HG  RM  AR   BC  CH  CX  TX   MG  VS   M9
 M9 at   DW  SS   WW  KY  LW   AR  MG  HG   TX  BC  CH  CX   RM  AV   VS

 RM at   HG  MG   SS  AR  M9   AV  KY  VS   VC  DT  GL  MN   DW  WW   LW
 MG at   AR  WW   M9  HG  SS   VS  DW  AV   MN  VC  DT  GL   KY  LW   RM
 LW at   AV  RM   HG  VS  AR   KY  SS  DW   GL  MN  VC  DT   M9  MG   WW
 WW at   VS  LW   AR  AV  HG   DW  M9  KY   DT  GL  MN  VC   SS  RM   MG
 SA at   GL  BV   VC  DT  MN   BC  CX  TX   RM  WW  LW  MG   CH  NP   MX
 BV at   DT  NP   MN  GL  VC   TX  CH  BC   MG  RM  WW  LW   CX  MX   SA
 MX at   BC  SA   CX  TX  CH   VC  GL  MN   LW  MG  RM  WW   DT  BV   NP
 NP at   TX  MX   CH  BC  CX   MN  DT  VC   WW  LW  MG  RM   GL  SA   BV

 CX at   VC  CH   SA  MN  BV   GL  MX  DT   KY  AR  HG  DW   NP  TX   BC
 CH at   MN  TX   BV  VC  SA   DT  NP  GL   DW  KY  AR  HG   MX  BC   CX
 BC at   SA  CX   GL  BV  DT   MX  VC  NP   HG  DW  KY  AR   MN  CH   TX
 TX at   BV  BC   DT  SA  GL   NP  MN  MX   AR  HG  DW  KY   VC  CX   CH

 VC at   MX  MN   BC  NP  TX   CX  SA  CH   AV  M9  SS  VS   BV  DT   GL
 MN at   NP  DT   TX  MX  BC   CH  BV  CX   VS  AV  M9  SS   SA  GL   VC
 GL at   CX  VC   MX  CH  NP   SA  BC  BV   SS  VS  AV  M9   TX  MN   DT
 DT at   CH  GL   NP  CX  MX   BV  TX  SA   M9  SS  VS  AV   BC  VC   MN
 Due    Apr Apr  May May May  Jun Jun Jun  Aug Aug Aug Aug  Sep Sep  Oct
 Date:   25  25   25  25  25   25  25  25   25  25  25  25   25  25   15
              Divisional Series (2,14,15) are 8 games each, 
              with an off-day between games 3 & 4 and 6 & 7 
          Conference Series (1,3,4,5,6,7,8,13) are 5 games each, 
            Interleague Series (9,10,11,12) are 4 games each.

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