2024 Season #4Lively Seniors Having Fun!

Last updated: 1/10/2024


1. This league is designed to provide seniors the enjoyment and benefits of playing slow pitch softball. Sportsmanship is our goal. We will not tolerate players not adhering to this idea. If they violate the rules of fair play, the umpire will eject the player. He/she will be suspended for one WEEK or could be banned from further league play.

2. All players should inform their managers far in advance of their absences. The managers need ample time to find a sub.

3. League fee is $100.00 for the season. Sub list players pay $25 up front for a minimum of 4 games (fewer games played will result in a partial refund).

4. Games will be played on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Check Schedule for changes.

5. Have fun!!!!!!!!!


1. First game starts at 9:00 am. Second game will begin within approximately 7 minutes after the end of Game 1. Games will be 6 innings in length with a 5-run maximum per inning, except for the final "open 6th inning" in which unlimited runs may be scored.

2. The visiting team will begin with a half-run, eliminating any ties after 6 complete innings. In other words, if each team has scored the same number of runs after 6 complete innings, the visiting team will be declared the winner.

3. Substitutes must be on the same line(s) or lower than the player being replaced. Lines 7, 8, 9 & 10 are interchangeable, as are Lines 1 & 2, 3 & 4 and 5 & 6. If a "wrong line player" is used, that player can only play catcher or firstbase on defense, will not bat or pinch run, and an out will be declared the first time the final spot in the lineup is due up to bat.

4. If a player arrives late for their game and a sub player is playing in their place, the sub player is to complete the game, subject to prior Manager agreement.

5. If a team does not have a full batting lineup (10) the first time only the final spot in the lineup will be declared an out, subject to prior agreement between the Managers.

6. If a player sustains an injury during the game and cannot be replaced by another player, he/she may be omitted from the batting lineup without penalty. If an eligible sub becomes available (or the injured player can return), he/she can be inserted into the lineup in the vacated spot.

7. Unlimited courtesy runners are permitted, but a courtesy runner can run only once per inning. (Exception: Open inning will allow unlimited courtesy runners, however must adhere to all other rules involving courtesy runners.) No courtesy runner for a courtesy runner. A runner cannot be a courtesy runner if he/she has been replaced by a courtesy runner in that half-inning. A violation of the above is an automatic out on appeal.

7A. A batter with a physical disability or injury may have a runner from home plate. Notification must be given to the umpire and opposing Manager/Coach prior to the start of the game. On the hit by the batter, the designated runner can advance to first base only. Additionally, a player running for another player from home plate will be considered a "courtesy runner" and must adhere to Rule 7. A player injured during a game may have a runner from home plate to avoid further injury.

Note: On Field 3 a "Hit & Sit" HR into the parking lot will still be a HR and a ground rule double into the parking lot will result in 2 bases. All other hits are limited to a single. On Field 1, all hits will be limited to a single.

8. BATS: All softball bats approved for Senior Softball, ASA and USSSA are legal.

9. PITCHING: The pitching arc will be the typical 6 to 12 feet. The pitcher may pitch from the rubber or from the 6 foot box immediately behind the rubber. SEE PITCHING SCREEN RULES BELOW (#17).

10. HITTING: Batter has a 4-3 count. A third strike foul ball is an out. If the third strike ball is foul and caught, the ball is dead and no runner(s) may advance.

11. Intentional Walks are not allowed. If, in the judgment of the umpire, the pitcher is obviously attempting to walk a batter, on "Ball Four" the batter will be placed on second base and all forced runners advanced two bases.

A. When a batter runner runs from home to first base, the runner is to touch the outer (orange) bag if a play is being made on the runner at first base.
B. The down or out of the way rule is in effect (no run-bys) at second and third bases. An alternate home plate line will be used.

13. FIELDING: At the time of the pitch, all four (4) outfielders must be on the grass and all infielders must be on the infield dirt. The batter runner cannot be forced out at first base (including the tail end of a doubleplay or tripleplay) if the batted ball touches the grass or by any fielder positioned on the grass at the time of the pitch that comes into the dirt portion of the infield to field the batted ball.

14. MERCY RULE: There is no mercy rule, subject to Managers agreement.

15. The Flip-Flop Rule will be used as an option to the losing team in the 6th inning.

16. At the conclusion of Part 1 Schedule (where every team has played each other), the league will be divided into two equal-sized "Divisions" based in order of won/loss records, with the following tie-breakers:

A. head-to-head record
B. Run Differential
C. Runs Scored
D. Commissioner Coin Toss


A. A pitching safety screen will be used and placed no further than 5 feet in from of the pitching rubber and one edge of the screen must by inside the 24-inch pitching rubber.

B. Upon release of the ball, the pitcher must step completely behind the screen and remain behind the screen until the pitched ball is struck by the batter before becoming a fielder. If the pitcher fails to move completely behind the screen and contacts a batted ball, the ball will be declared dead, the batter awarded a single and all runners advanced one base (even if not forced).

C. Each time a batted ball hits the screen, it is a foul ball. If on the 3rd strike, the batter is out.

D. On thrown balls hitting the screen the ball will remain live. Should the ball become lodged in the screen, a dead ball will be declared and the overthrow rule will be enforced (i.e., award all baserunners two bases from their position at the time of the throw).