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Series by Series Results

                      ** PERIOD 3 **
    BV(7)@AV(o)   DT(3)@AV(4)   WW(5)@AV(2)
    WW(3)@BV(4)   BX(2)@BV(5)   SR(2)@BV(5)
    AV(3)@BX(4)   SR(o)@BX(7)   DT(1)@BX(6)
    BV( )@DT( )   OK( )@DT( )   SR( )@DT( )
    OK(3)@SR(4)   AV(5)@SR(2)   WW(7)@SR(o)
    AV(5)@OK(2)   BX(5)@OK(2)   BV(5)@OK(2)
    DT(3)@WW(4)   BX(2)@WW(5)   OK(o)@WW(7)
    SM(3)@AR(4)   NA(o)@AR(7)   BY(o)@AR(7)
    CH(2)@BY(5)   SE(1)@BY(6)   SM(5)@BY(2)
    SE(1)@CH(6)   NA(4)@CH(3)   AR(4)@CH(3)
    AR(3)@SE(4)   SF(3)@SE(4)   SM(3)@SE(4)
    SE( )@NA( )   BY( )@NA( )   SF( )@NA( )
    AR( )@SF( )   CH( )@SF( )   BY( )@SF( )
    SF(1)@SM(6)   NA(3)@SM(4)   CH(3)@SM(4)
                     ** PERIOD 2 **
    BX(5)@AV(2)   OK(3)@AV(4)   SR(5)@AV(2)
    DT(3)@BV(4)   AV(1)@BV(6)   OK(1)@BV(6)
    OK(1)@BX(6)   WW(6)@BX(1)   BV(6)@BX(1)
    WW(6)@DT(1)   AV(2)@DT(5)   BX(3)@DT(4)
    BX(4)@SR(3)   DT(3)@SR(4)   BV(5)@SR(2)
    SR(5)@OK(2)   DT(5)@OK(2)   WW(5)@OK(2)
    BV(3)@WW(4)   SR(o)@WW(7)   AV(2)@WW(5)
    SF(o)@AR(7)   SE(2)@AR(5)   CH(1)@AR(6)
    NA(2)@BY(5)   SF(3)@BY(4)   AR(5)@BY(2)
    BY(2)@CH(5)   SF(3)@CH(4)   SM(4)@CH(3)
    NA(3)@SE(4)   CH(2)@SE(5)   BY(4)@SE(3)
    CH(4)@NA(3)   SM(5)@NA(2)   AR(4)@NA(3)
    SM(5)@SF(2)   SE(3)@SF(4)   NA(5)@SF(2)
    AR(3)@SM(4)   BY(1)@SM(6)   SE(2)@SM(5)
                      ** PERIOD 1 **
    SE(2)@AV(3)   NA(4)@AV(1)   CH(1)@AV(4)   BY(5)@AV(o)
    AR(5)@AV(o)   SF(3)@AV(2)   SM(3)@AV(2)
    AR(2)@BV(3)   SF(1)@BV(4)   SM(o)@BV(5)   SE(1)@BV(4)
    NA(2)@BV(3)   CH(2)@BV(3)   BY(2)@BV(3)
    NA(4)@BX(1)   CH(2)@BX(3)   BY(4)@BX(1)   AR(3)@BX(2)
    SF(o)@BX(5)   SM(4)@BX(1)   SE(3)@BX(2)
    SF(2)@DT(3)   SM(3)@DT(2)   SE(4)@DT(1)   NA(3)@DT(2)
    CH(2)@DT(3)   BY(o)@DT(5)   AR(4)@DT(1)
    BY(3)@SR(2)   AR(4)@SR(1)   SF(1)@SR(4)   SM(3)@SR(2)
    SE(2)@SR(3)   NA(3)@SR(2)   CH(4)@SR(1)
    CH(3)@OK(2)   BY(4)@OK(1)   AR(5)@OK(o)   SF(4)@OK(1)
    SM(3)@OK(2)   SE(4)@OK(1)   NA(3)@OK(2)
    SM(3)@WW(2)   SE(1)@WW(4)   NA(o)@WW(5)   CH(o)@WW(5)
    BY(o)@WW(5)   AR(3)@WW(2)   SF(o)@WW(5)
    BV(1)@AR(4)   SR(o)@AR(5)   OK(o)@AR(5)   BX(1)@AR(4)
    AV(1)@AR(4)   WW(2)@AR(3)   DT(1)@AR(4)
    SR(1)@BY(4)   OK(2)@BY(3)   BX(1)@BY(4)   AV(3)@BY(2)
    WW(4)@BY(1)   DT(3)@BY(2)   BV(2)@BY(3)
    OK(2)@CH(3)   BX(3)@CH(2)   AV(1)@CH(4)   WW(4)@CH(1)
    DT(3)@CH(2)   BV(5)@CH(0)   SR(2)@CH(3)
    AV(1)@SE(4)   WW(1)@SE(4)   DT(3)@SE(2)   BV(3)@SE(2)
    SR(1)@SE(4)   OK(1)@SE(4)   BX(2)@SE(3)
    BX(3)@NA(2)   AV(2)@NA(3)   WW(3)@NA(2)   DT(1)@NA(4)
    BV(5)@NA(o)   SR(1)@NA(4)   OK(2)@NA(3)
    DT(o)@SF(5)   BV(3)@SF(2)   SR(2)@SF(3)   OK(o)@SF(5)
    BX(3)@SF(2)   AV(1)@SF(4)   WW(5)@SF(o)
    WW(o)@SM(5)   DT(2)@SM(3)   BV(2)@SM(3)   SR(o)@SM(5)
    OK(1)@SM(4)   BX(2)@SM(3)   AV(o)@SM(5)

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